Source code

The most recent revisions are available from the Git repository:

git clone https://unplug.dbatley.com/code/unplug/

Alternatively, browse the source code directly on the website.

You can help

UnPlug is Open Source: if you'd like to contribute some source code then just email to unplug@dbatley.com.

You can also help by working out how to get media off websites. If you can make it into our special rules.xml format, that's excellent; otherwise just send it as human-readable instructions, or however else you like.

Another thing which is really useful is network traffic when fetching media from websites which limit access by country.


UnPlug is organized as follows:

A good way to see what's happening is to look at the error console (tools menu), where traffic between the search and display layer (plus errors from elsewhere) and dumped out.

In the long-term, the interface will become stable and allow parts of the system to be replaced (for example, if other ways of displaying the results are wanted).